The American Flag/Pledge Controversy


There is a rising issue among the American people, and that issue is the american flag and the pledge. There’s the people that couldn’t care less about “symbols of freedom” and then there is those that almost worship these symbols. I’m gonna do my best to post a non bias view on this. I’ll post the laws regarding these issues, and I’ll post some of the peoples reasoning. So sit back, relax, and get ready to challenge your beliefs.

We will start with the American flag and people that burn it and step on it. Although this type of protest seems unproductive, it is their legal right to do it! The courts have ruled twice that it is completely legal. Texas v Johnson, and United States v Eichman are the court cases if you want to look them up yourselves. Now there is still some people who think these protesters should still be fined and punished, and these people have a right to their opinion, but their opinion will always be overruled by the courts. Mandatory flag worship is not a thing in the United States, and I’m glad that is so. These types of people need to take a look at North Korea and Nazi Germany as these types of places are scary. If you didn’t show “proper respect” to the flag, you would die. So to wrap this up, though I find burning flags unproductive, it is their legal right.

Now onto the next part, the pledge. The pledge is where I choose to protest. A couple of things I find wrong with our pledge.

  1. It was written by a socialist called Francis Bellamy.
  2. The words “Allegiance” and “Indivisible” should be troubling to use as a christian. Are we cocky enough to say that God can’t divide us?
  3. We’ve killed over 60 million babies through abortions since Roe v Wade passed.
  4. We’re over 22 trillion in debt.
  5. We mistreat our veterans through horrible care through the V.A.
  6. We’ve allowed mass slaughtering to foreign nations through the idea of “fighting for freedom”.
  7. The police state is at an all time high.

Those are just a few items I find troubling, so I choose to peacefully sit during the pledge and anthem.

Another thing I have noticed is that people get more upset about people protesting the flag than at people who blasphemy the Lord. If you show any disrespect to the flag, these people will wanna kick your butt. Although, these same people won’t bat an eye if you take the Lords name in vain, and I find this troubling.

Everyone has their own choice and freedom to do what they do. I respect people that stand, and I respect people that sit. We are all entitled to our own opinions, and at the end of the day, we are all just people trying to make it.

We all just need to learn to respect each others opinions. We need to come together and figure out how to fix the problems we have in our country rather than fight over the little things.




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