Is the Republican Party becoming SJWs?

There’s a trend among the Republican Party that I’ve noticed for awhile now. Ever since 2008 when Obama took office it seems that the Republicans cry literally about everything. Of course I’m not naive enough to not take acknowledgment that the Left is full of babies, but the Right has become just as bad!

Let’s take it back to 2008 when Obama won. I remember everyone running around screaming “NOT MY PRESIDENT” every time Obama was on TV. Sound familiar? I remember people making Obama pinatas and hitting them in the streets. I remember people making false claims saying “he wasn’t born here” “he’s a muslim” “he’s the anti-christ”. Just crazy stupid stuff like that was literally everywhere in 2008/2009. Thankfully it all died down though for a little bit.

Then 2012 came. Romney vs Obama. For the longest time Christians always aligned the Republican Party with the party of Christ for some weird reason. Although, as we all know, Romney is a Mormon, and the Right had no problem voting for a guy like that. The same crap was spewed. Every move Obama did was judged, racial slurs towards Obama was said, and the “he’s a muslim” junk started spreading again. Now, don’t get me wrong, Obama was not a good president by any means. He tripled the debt, made more wars in the Middle East, and killed more people with drones than Bush ever thought of. With all that stuff being said, the Right were making a fool of themselves. What’s funny now is the Left is screaming “NOT MY PRESIDENT” to Trump and all the right is telling them to “grow up”, but if we simply look back to a few years ago the Right was doing the same exact thing.

Then we move on to recent history. Let’s start with the Starbucks incident. Starbucks decided to take ‘Merry Christmas’ off their cups (keep in mind they’re a private business so they can do whatever they want) and all of a sudden the Right started acting like little children. They blindly followed the lead of a heretic called Josh Feurstein and flooded Starbucks saying their name was “Merry Christmas”. Which is possibly the stupidest thing I’ve heard of. They claimed it was an attack on Christianity, but then they flooded Starbucks with tons of business solely to say their name was “Merry Christmas”. Definitely the most foolish thing I’ve heard of in awhile.

In the past year we’ve had the flag controversy. Collin Kaepernick decided he was going to kneel during the anthem. No big deal right? Well apparently to the Right it was a huge deal. They cried, they pouted, they protested. Over what exactly? A mans right to peacefully protest? It was insane! All I heard leading up to that incident was “why doesn’t the black community peacefully protest?”, but when a celebrity (Kaepernick) takes a lead and peacefully protests, the Right freaked out over that too. You can’t win with them. If you don’t have a Back the Blue sticker and fly an American flag you hate America according to them. No reasoning whatsoever. That isn’t the country our founders wanted.

So when you see your Republican friends always asking if you “need a safe space” or calls you a snowflake, show them this, and remind them of all the foolishness they have done over the past 8 years.


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